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PublishAmerica Presents Arising from the Insanity by Naomi R. Butler Arthur

Frederick, MD January 9, 2009 -- PublishAmerica is proud to present Arising from the Insanity: The Written Works of Naomi R. Butler Arthur by Naomi R. Butler Arthur.

Because of our vulnerability as children, many of us suffered abuse, either by family members, a friend of the family, or by strangers, and it has always, always had long-lasting effects on the victim. The scars left behind by abuse are constant reminders of our experiences; they will have an impact on our behavior and our relationships for a lifetime to come. Our central thought becomes, “Who can I trust?” “Can I ever trust again?” Please know that there is hope! There is life after insanity - indeed, there is life after emotional death!

“As you read of my experiences through poetry and chart the cognitive processes with me, I pray that you may see the light in the darkest of nights, for you are not alone, my friend,” Arthur said. “This work is for you - my readers, my acquaintances, my friends, and my family.”

Naomi R. Butler Arthur is a woman coming into her own at a later time than most because of her history of abuse. Despite not having been given the opportunity to complete high school, she obtained her GED in 1990 while raising five children as a single mother. She currently resides in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania.

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