Saturday, February 14, 2009

Spread Your Wings and Fly!


When you struggle every day
do you feel like you’re free falling
without hope?
When there is turmoil everywhere
don’t worry or fret, my child.
Spread your wings and fly.

This ol’ world is full of prejudice and hate.
You seem so all alone!
You’re not, my friend!
The one on high your compass guides,
so, hold your head up high!
Spread your wings and fly.

Arduously, you’ve tried so hard and failed?
Something holds you back and now
Success is inconceivable.
You feel there is no hope?
You hold the power to change your life.
Spread your wings and fly.

They’ll come a brighter day,
if you can only find faith my child.
If you’ll just hold on long enough
to let the mistress have her way.
Don’t torment yourself, don’t cry.
Spread your wings and fly.

Turn your face towards the sky,
look heaven in the eye!
Spread your wings out wide,
soar high above the clouds!
Spread your wings and fly!

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