Thursday, February 12, 2009


"Naomi Ruth Butler Arthur is a woman coming into her own at a later time than most because of the “soul murder” she experienced at a very young age and the factors that kept her prisoner for too many years. Yet, with her indomitable spirit and assistance from God’s many helpers, she has arisen out of the ashes of the insanity in which she grew into adulthood. Her writing charts her journey but barely begins to unearth the depth of it. Perhaps future publications and/or whatever springs from this publication will reveal a fuller bloom.

Her education is minimal but not by choice. Despite not having been given the opportunity to complete high school, she obtained her GED in 1990, when, as a single mother two of her five children had already graduated high school and others were in the process. She has taken college courses, when possible, in areas such as creative writing, human anatomy (out of curiosity about the human body and because of an interest in being a nurse), art, human services, geriatrics, public speaking, and other topics that caught her interest". ~San Rogers

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