Thursday, February 12, 2009

Synopsis of Arising from the Insanity

Because of our vulnerability as children, many of us suffered abuse, either by family members, a friend of the family, or by strangers, and it has always, always had long-lasting effects on the victim. The scars left behind by abuse are constant reminders of our experiences, they will have an impact on our behavior and our relationships for a lifetime to come. Our central thought becomes, “Who can I trust?” “Can I ever trust again?”. Please know that there is hope! There is life after insanity - indeed, there is life after emotional death!

As you read of my experiences through poetry and chart the cognitive processes with me, I pray that you may see the light in the darkest of nights, for you are not alone, my friend. This work is for you - my readers, my acquaintances, my friends and my family. Naomi R. Butler Arthur

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